Translated by Natalie Fainsten

I don’t want that cheater
You will never bury me!
If he were made of solid gold
I’d still avert my eyes from him.

I don’t want that cheater
Oh, so fragile is my soul,
It stinks, undignified
My future’s black as coal.

I don’t want that cheater
For my soul rejects that man
I turn to God, I ask, I pray:
Please take away that man.

Ya yuma , how I wish I were
An eagle or a pigeon wild,
For then I could come visit you
And be right by your side.


Your blue eye made me crazy
Tell me, what is your meaning?

Ayini Bakat

My eye shed rivers of tears.
Soaked the driest land,
That have never felt the touch of water.

salam yal'bint

A boy meets a girl by the well.

Boy: Hello dark maiden by the well, Quench my thirst.

Girl: Wallah, if only i didnt have seven brothers, i would let you drink the tears from my eyes. 

Boy: It is not the water from the well that i desire.

Girl: In that case, you'll have to speak to my mother.